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Technology company dedicated to developing philanthropy through smart phones receives intellectual property assistance

Clients Microgifts, Inc.

A Jones Day Irvine team of attorneys is currently representing Microgifts, Inc., a technology company dedicated to developing philanthropy through smart phones. The iPhone application, Microgifts, (which is available on iTunes) is designed to provide a simplified and efficient platform for the collection and distribution to money to charities. Microgifts is the first app that allows iPhone users to make small charitable donations to carefully selected service organizations with a simple tap on the phone's screen. With a donation as little as $0.99, an iPhone user joins an organic and virtually infinite community of charitable microgivers, and brings to life the mission of the app's creators: to enable a vast audience to participate in the giving process and to be part of something much larger than themselves.

Microgifts is the brainchild of Colton Gyulay, a 17-year-old high school student at Sage Hill School in Newport Coast, California. When the app's software began to take shape, Mr. Gyulay partnered with two school friends, Mark Loper and Jared Hoffman, to develop the marketing and operational infrastructure of the organization. Each associate brings his own set of abilities to the table. Mr. Hoffman has developed and programmed a Microgifts website, while Mr. Loper and Mr. Gyulay have contacted numerous charities and organizations.

Jones Day is currently representing Microgifts, Inc. in all matters relating to intellectual property, including registering its trademarks, corporate governance, and obtaining tax exempt status.