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Team successfully defends against mutual restraining orders

Clients Client G

Jones Day successfully represented 19 year old Client G, by obtaining a permanent restraining order against her former boyfriend, and defending her against a cross-restraining order filed by him. Jones Day lawyers were opposed by a family law attorney at a full evidentiary hearing before Judge Wendy Kohn where both Client G and her former boyfriend testified. The goal of the hearing was to not only provide evidence of his physical abuse, but also show that any actions taken by Client G was purely in self defense. In addition, they were involved in a custody dispute over their three year old son. Cross restraining orders pose a problem when there is a child custody dispute. Any finding of domestic violence against a parent destroys the presumption that the parent is non-violent and can sway a decision on custody. In her ruling, Judge Kohn found our client both credible and sympathetic, while stating that the former boyfriend was evasive and lacked credibility. The result was a finding for our client, including sole legal and physical custody of her three year old son.