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Renters, lawyers benefit from unusual volunteer program at Cleveland Housing Court

Clients Indigent tenants in Cleveland Housing Court eviction actions

Jones Day Cleveland attorneys are representing indigent tenants before the Cleveland Housing Court in a pilot program. Since the program began in July 2007, Cleveland attorneys have handled 37 cases, including 26 eviction actions. In the evictions actions, Jones Day has assisted the tenants in resolving the cases without an eviction judgment being entered in over 95% of the cases, which is important because eviction judgments can negatively affect a tenant's ability to qualify for certain government programs. A July 2008 article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer features the partnership between Jones Day Cleveland and the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland in the pro bono representation of indigent tenants in Housing Court eviction actions. Benefiting needy tenants, the court, and the associates who handle the cases, the program is a winner on every front.