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Maryland woman seeks to adopt 6 year old girl diagnosed with AIDS

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KB is a six year old girl who has been in the neglect system for most of her life. KB was diagnosed with HIV and AIDS before she was one. Her biological mother relinquished her parental rights and the rights of her unknown biological father were terminated as well. KB moved through three different foster homes, all of whom ultimately decided not to adopt her because of her medical diagnosis and other behavioral problems.

Our firm became involved after KB's current foster parent, SB, expressed interests in adopting KB. Through its partnership with the Children's Law Center, we filed an adoption petition on SB's behalf. After the fitness hearing on March 31, 2011, the Magistrate Judge determined that the adoption by SB is in the best interest of KB. Under SB's care, KB's medical condition remains stable, and she is also excelling in school as a kindergärtner. Although the adoption will not be finalized until approved by the State of Maryland, KB has finally found a loving, and stable home with SB.