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Landlord tenant relationship affirmed by DC Court of Appeals

Clients Cooper Allen, Anthea

Jones Day, working in conjunction with the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia, successfully represented our client in Landry v. Cooper-Allen. This appeal involved the question of whether the trial court erred when it held that a landlord tenant relationship existed.  Appellant sought possession of a dwelling, asserting that appellee was a "squatter." However, he testified that he had agreed to let appellee and her son live in the house temporarily in return for doing certain chores while repairs were being completed. In light of that testimony, counsel for Appellant admitted that the evidence had shown "a landlord and tenant relationship." Regretting his concession, counsel filed a motion for reconsideration which was denied. On appeal, the DC Court of Appeals, per curiam, affirmed the decision of the lower court and found that there was no abuse of discretion and that the trial court correctly found that there was a landlord tenant relationship.

Landry v. Cooper-Allen