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High school student challenges his school's suppression of political speech on campus before the U.S. Supreme Court

Clients Paul T. Palmer

Jones Day Dallas lawyers, working together with Professor Doug Laycock of the University of Michigan Law School, prepared an amicus brief on behalf of various nonprofit organizations urging the United States Supreme Court to review the Fifth Circuit's recent decision in Palmer v. Waxahachie Independent School District. The brief by Jones Day supports the Petitioner, Paul Palmer, a high school student challenging his school's suppression of his political speech on campus. The case raises important rights of students to communicate political and religious speech in school as guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Paul T. Palmer, by and through his parents and legal guardians, Paul D. Palmer and Dr. Susan Gonzalez Baker, Petitioner, v. Waxahachie Independent School District, Respondent, Case No. 09-409 (Supreme Court of the United States)