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Frankfurt's NGO Sozialwerk Main Taunus creates new homes for mentally handicapped people

Clients Sozialwerke Main-Taunus e.V.

2010 was a very important and successful year for the NGO Sozialwerk Main Taunus and its current project to create new homes for mentally handicapped people in Frankfurt am Main. With the assistance of Frankfurt associate Markus Hamann, an agreement was successfully negotiated with the Social Ministry of the State of Hesse providing a EUR 1,500,000.00 subsidy for the construction of the new building. "This project which involved extensive discussions and negotiations with the public authorities, the general constructor and also with the previous owner of the land, was a big challenge for us", the managing director of Sozialwerk Main-Taunus, Mr. Franz Biebl said. On November 17, 2010, Sozialwerk Main-Taunus celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony, officially starting the construction process. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the City of Frankfurt and of the Social Ministry of the State of Hesse, all strongly in support of the project which will enable handicapped people with their special need for physical and mental treatment to live fully integrated lives in the Frankfurt community. It is anticipated that the construction of the building will be completed at the end of 2011.