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Client cleared of liability on forged Sallie Mae loan documents

Clients Client A

Jones Day Dallas lawyers represented Client A in a dispute with Sallie Mae relating to the nonpayment of student loans. Client A had no knowledge of the loans until Sallie Mae notified him that his social security disability benefits were going to be garnished for the loan repayment. This was several years after the loans were taken out. Client A obtained copies of the loan documents and came to the belief that his name had been forged on the documents by his former spouse approximately 14 years after he and his spouse had separated. After trying to convince Sallie Mae that he knew nothing about the loans, which were supposed to be used to fund his children's college education, Client A came to the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program seeking assistance. Based on information from him, Jones Day lawyers concluded that his signature had been forged on the loan documents. In order to prove this to Sallie Mae, the Fraud and Loss Prevent Unit of Sallie Mae was provided with relevant handwriting samples from Client A and attempts were made to obtain police reports relating to the forgery. After many months of negotiations and responding to the lender's requests, Sallie Mae concluded that his identity had been improperly used to obtain the loans and, therefore, his name was removed from the loans and he was relieved of all liability for repayment.