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U.S. Representatives from Minnesota file amici brief in property rights case

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Jones Day filed an amici brief in the U.S. Supreme Court, on behalf of U.S. Congressman Tom Emmer—the House Majority Whip—and three other members of Minnesota’s congressional delegation, in support of Geraldine Tyler, a 93-year-old Minnesotan whose $40,000 home was taken by a Minnesota County to satisfy a $15,000 tax debt. The County then refused to refund the $25,000 balance to Ms. Tyler. Jones Day’s brief argues that the Eighth Circuit’s decision approving Minnesota tax-foreclosure regime is contrary to the text and history of the Takings Clause, which vests property owners alone with the right to surplus equity in property. It also argues that the Eighth Circuit turned the Takings Clause into a dead letter by failing to halt the legislative confiscation of vested property interests.

Tyler v. Hennepin County, No. 22-166 (U.S.)