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Salvadoran woman obtains asylum despite narrowed scope of social group

Clients VGY

In September 2017, a team of three Jones Day attorneys from Atlanta, Cleveland, and Mexico City sat down with VGY in the Laredo Detention Center. Today, VGY is an asylee and eligible to remain in the United States.

VGY suffered from severe abuse at the hands of her former spouse and the gangs in El Salvador. But while this would have been a strong claim for asylum when VGY entered the United States, the law changed in June 2018 when the U.S. Attorney General narrowed the scope of VGY's particular social group, the key to her claim for asylum. Nevertheless, with the help of two expert reports, corroborating letters from her friends and family, country condition reports, and influential briefing by her legal team, VGY overcame the current legal landscape and secured her right to remain in the United States. Through nearly three hours of testimony and two merits hearings, the Department of Homeland Security conceded and the New York Immigration Court granted VGY's application for asylum.