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Asylum granted to Salvadoran family fleeing gang violence due to political and community activism

Clients C.F.A.

Jones Day client C.F.A. escaped El Salvador with his wife and 8-month old child in 2015, after C.F.A. was attacked by gang members who he reported to the police. C.F.A. and his extended family members had previously received death threats due to their political participation and community activism. The family fled to the U.S. and presented themselves to authorities at the border. Jones Day submitted a defensive asylum application on behalf of C.F.A. in November 2015, worked to secure his release from immigration detention in Conroe, Texas, and represented him at a four-day trial that took place from January-March 2017 before an Immigration Judge in Minneapolis, MN. On June 22, 2017, the Immigration Judge granted asylum to C.F.A. and his family, finding that they had a well-founded fear of future persecution were they to return to El Salvador.