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Materion defends lawsuit alleging toxic exposure to beryllium alloy particulates

Clients Materion Brush Inc.

Jones Day represented Materion Brush Inc., a fully-integrated manufacturer of beryllium-containing products, in litigation in which plaintiffs alleged that they were exposed to beryllium alloy particulates in the manufacture of golf clubs.

Plaintiffs worked for Karsten Manufacturing Corporation in 1979-97. Karsten made golf clubs, sold under the Ping brand name, with heads of cast copper-beryllium alloy. A Karsten subsidiary, Dolphin, Inc., purchased alloy ingots from Materion and other suppliers, melted and cast the alloy into club heads, and provided the heads to Karsten for finishing and assembly. Plaintiffs allege that they were exposed to airborne beryllium at Karsten and developed beryllium sensitization and/or chronic beryllium disease, a lung disease.

Jones Day has been national coordinating counsel to Materion since 1996, and has defended individual and class actions alleging toxic exposures to beryllium in jurisdictions across the country.

Parmar v. Dolphin Inc., No. CV2013-012980 (Ariz. Super., Maricopa Cty.)