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Jones Day attorneys assist local veteran in satisfying judgment and restoring driving privileges, obtaining real estate tax exemption

Clients Douds, Michael

Through Jones Day’s partnership with the Allegheny County Bar Foundation Veterans Legal Clinic and Pittsburgh's Veterans Leadership Program, Jones Day attorneys successfully represented local veteran Michael Douds in restoring his previously suspended Pennsylvania driving privileges and obtaining a real estate tax exemption.

Before the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation would reissue Mr. Douds a driver's license, he was required to satisfy a money judgment stemming from a 1984 traffic accident. Jones Day attorneys located court records for the 29-year-old judgment and negotiated a favorable settlement. A satisfaction of judgment was entered on April 15, 2015. After Mr. Douds fulfilled PennDOT's other administrative license restoration requirements, it issued him a Pennsylvania driver's license.

Jones Day attorneys also helped to expedite the approval of Mr. Douds's application for an exemption from real property taxes. Mr. Douds, whom the Department of Veterans Affairs designated 100% disabled in May 2014, is eligible for the exemption due to his service-connected disability. He applied for the exemption through the Allegheny County Department of Veterans' Services in June 2014. After Jones Day attorneys contacted the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs on Mr. Douds's behalf, he was informed on March 18, 2015 that his application was approved.