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Domestic violence restraining order obtained in stalking case

Clients Client C

Jones Day obtained a hard-fought restraining order on behalf of 25-year-old "Client C." and also successfully defended Client C. against a retaliatory request for a restraining order filed by her former boyfriend who had stalked and harassed Client C. since their breakup in February 2013. Client C. could not afford to hire her own attorney and turned to the Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice ("LACLJ") for assistance. LACLJ reached out to lawyers at Jones Day, who agreed to take on Client C.'s very active case.

At the trial, just two weeks after Jones Day took on the case, the court agreed that the testimony and evidence left no doubt that Client C. was entitled under California law to a restraining order against the former boyfriend and had done nothing to warrant the entry of a restraining order against her. The court made detailed findings of fact in favor of Client C., and entered a six-month restraining order against the former boyfriend, informing the parties that this period could be lengthened upon a showing that the former boyfriend violated the order. The court also entered an order denying former boyfriend's restraining order request against Client C.