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Jones Day team obtains significant upward modification of child support award

Clients Client CB

Laird Nelson, Rita Celebrezze, and Meghan Walters assisted client C.B., a single mother, in obtaining an order modifying the amount of child support she received from her ex-husband to support their daughter. Over the course of several months and multiple hearings in family court, the client's ex-husband repeatedly failed to appear. Accordingly, the team successfully took discovery of the ex-husband's employer in order to obtain the necessary information for an order of support. Ultimately, the court entered a modified order of support, increasing the monthly payment from $25 to $621. Following the entry of this order, the client's ex-husband filed his own petition for modification. Laird Nelson and Rita Celebrezze accompanied the client to court, where they successfully argued that there was no basis for a modification and had the petition dismissed.