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Cameroonian whistleblower and political activist granted asylum

Clients Client T

In 2009, the client was arrested and detained on three separate occasions by Cameroonian authorities on account of his membership in a political opposition party, and his whistle blowing activities and disclosure of fraud by a prominent member of the ruling party. He was severely beaten, and, after each arrest, the client was held in inhumane prison conditions without receiving food, water, or medical attention. The client left Cameroon for the United States on work-related business. During his absence from Cameroon, the local police searched for him at his office and his home. When they were unable to locate the client, they arrested and imprisoned his wife. Upon her release, she immediately fled from their village with their two children to living in hiding. Because the police continued to search for and threaten the client and his family, he could not safely return to Cameroon. At the individual merits hearing, the client testified about his and his family's mistreatment at the hands of the Cameroonian authorities. The immigration judge granted the Client’s asylum request and the government waived its right to appeal.