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Disabled veteran secures favorable outcome after unknowingly driving with suspended license

Clients Mr. Williams

Disabled veteran and single father, Mr. Williams, accumulated driving suspensions and substantial fines after unknowingly driving with a license that was suspended for an unpaid ticket. His medical and financial needs, as well as the needs of his young son, required him to continue driving and caused him to incur additional citations and suspensions. Hoping to clear his record and do the best for his son and himself, Mr. Williams consulted the Veterans' Clinic and was referred to Jones Day, which aided him pro bono. In February, David Belczyk, Jones Day Pittsburgh, was able to plead the equities of Mr. Williams' unique situation. First, Mr. Williams secured a very favorable payment plan on his adjudicated citations. He was finally able to manage his fines alongside the costs of life's necessities. This allows him to stay on track and clear his record. Aided by Jones Day, he was also able to appear voluntarily on his outstanding citations. With counsel to articulate his circumstances, Mr. Williams obtained the dismissal of some charges and reductions in others. As a result, he avoided the accumulation of any additional driving suspensions. Mr. Williams was thankful to Jones Day for helping him navigate challenges that threatened how he was able to provide for himself and his son. The Judges noted that it meant a great deal to see the interest Jones Day took in helping a struggling veteran, giving him a strong voice that he could not have mustered on his own.