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Veteran obtains waiver from Veterans' Affairs Pension Group, saving over $70,000

Clients Giles, Hiram

The Veterans' Affairs Philadelphia Regional Office and Insurance Center granted Jones Day's request for complete relief on behalf of their client, Mr. G, recently deceased. Mr. G. had collected veterans' pension benefits for about four years when the VA notified him that they believed the benefits were paid in error. The Committee on Waivers and Compromises initially ruled that Mr. G had failed to present sufficient evidence to warrant waiving the debt he owed. By early 2011, that debt ballooned to over $73,000 including penalties and interest.

In February 2011, Jones Day filed a request for reconsideration on behalf of Mr. G, and began preparing an appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals ("BVA"). The BVA filing did not occur, however, as the Committee reversed itself with respect to all but $433 of the amount, which had already been deducted from Mr. G's government benefits prior to his death.