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inMotion pro bono client prevails

Clients Client K

Jones Day attorneys successfully obtained an order of protection, child custody and child support order for their inMotion pro bono client.

The client, a victim of domestic abuse, was very pleased with the result of her case and the aid she received from Jones Day:

"Because of the attorneys that worked on my case I was able to get full legal and physical custody of my children! I can't begin to thank my attorneys enough! They were wonderful and helped me start to get my life back.... They looked out for my best interest as well as for my children. They protected my children and I will be forever grateful!.... I can't begin to thank everyone in Jones Day and inMotion. You helped me get my life back. In Feb. it will be 2 years since I left and because of you me and my children are doing great! I would love to talk to other women and help them like you helped me! I will be forever in your debt!" -- Client