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Asylum granted for Iraqi woman and her son

Clients Client K

Columbus attorneys successfully represented an Iraqi woman and her son in their application for asylum in the United States. The client and her son are Iraqi nationals who faced persecution and endured threats from various militant groups based on their pro-American opinions. Client K worked as a freelance translator for the American forces in Iraq and was targeted by militant groups with multiple death threats for "assisting the enemy." Client K's son was one of a handful of Iraqi students who participated in a prestigious high school exchange program, allowing him to spend his junior year in the U.S. Because of these American affiliations, both Client K and her son were targeted by militants on several occasions with threatening phone calls, notes and even drive-by shootings. Shortly after Client K's son left to spend his high school year in the United States, Client K fled to Egypt. While there, her son lived the difficult life of a refugee and continued to receive threats. She fled to the United States in early 2009, joining her son, who is now a senior at a North Carolina university. To assist them in applying for asylum, the Columbus office spent numerous hours interviewing the client and her son, obtained supporting documentation and affidavits from several third-party witnesses, and prepared a detailed asylum application and legal memorandum. They also represented Client K and her son at their asylum interview in Chicago. On November 20, Client K and her son received notice that their asylum application had been approved, allowing them to remain in the United States indefinitely and eventually to apply for permanent residence.