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SCI defends against nationwide wage and hour collective action brought by funeral service employees

Clients Alderwoods, Inc./Service Corporation International

Jones Day represents Service Corporation International, affiliate Alderwoods Group Inc., in a nationwide "off the clock" wage and hour collective action brought on behalf of funeral services employees. The plaintiffs assert claims under the FLSA for damages stemming from alleged policies requiring, for example, that employees perform community work without compensation, work through unpaid meal periods, work unpaid overtime if not pre-approved, and attend training "off the clock."

Prise and Rady v. Alderwoods Group, Inc., Burton L. Hirsch Funeral Home, Inc., H.P. Brandt Funeral Home, Inc., H. Samson, Inc., and Neill Funeral Home, Inc., Case No. 03:07-CV-5140 (N.D. Cal.)