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Elderly woman receives assistance in removing a lien from her home and accessing the funds necessary to make desperately needed home repairs

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Christine Ballard, with supervision from Marc Silverstein, has completed the representation of an elderly woman who desperately needed home repairs and turned to a local lender to obtain the funds needed to pay for the repairs. The lender ran a lien search on the client's property, and uncovered a lien for $5,000 that appeared to be related to a credit card. The client recalled receiving a credit card, but had never activated it, so she did not understand why the credit card company had placed a lien on her home. The Legal Aid Society referred the case to Jones Day.

The credit card company had long since filed for bankruptcy and liquidated its assets, so Christine's first course of action was to find a successor-in-interest. Once she located the successor-in-interest, she learned that the credit card account related to the lien had a zero balance and was closed. Based on that information, the successor-in-interest was willing to execute a document that released the lien on the client's home. Now, the loan is being processed and the client will soon be able to make her home repairs.