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Client receives housing interview after 12 year wait

Clients Client X

In a case referred to Jones Day by the Washington Legal Clinic for the homeless, Client X filed a complaint with the DC Housing Authority (DCHA) after remaining on the waiting list for public housing in DC for 12 years without receiving any help. Prior to seeking representation, our client had been granted a Fair Hearing by DCHA, had attended and represented herself, and had received a preliminary ruling stating that the DCHA had not acted improperly in her case. After she sought representation through the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless ("WLCH"), Ashley Halfman submitted a brief in opposition to the proposed decision and the client received a new hearing. In reviewing the client’s DCHA file, Ashley found that our client’s name had indeed come to the top of the waiting list several years prior. However, the DCHA had mistakenly sent the letter notifying the client of her interview to the wrong address, so Client X had never received it. At a pre-hearing settlement conference, this evidence was presented to the DCHA. The agency agreed that it had erred and scheduled the client for a housing interview the following week.