Reducing Uncertainty in Your International Contracts

On March 15, 2021, Vanessa Foncke, a partner in Jones Day's Global Disputes Practice resident in Brussels, will speak during the webinar on "Reducing uncertainty in your international contracts" ("Moins d’incertitude dans vos contrats internationaux"), co-hosted by the Federation of Belgian Enterprises (FEB/VBO) and the Institute of In-house Counsel (IBJ/IJE).

The webinar will address how contracts can serve as a means of coping with the upheavals brought by COVID-19, Brexit, and cybersecurity issues.

Ms. Foncke's topic will be "How to draft your jurisdiction and applicable law clauses with mediation, arbitration, etc. in mind?" ("Comment rédiger vos clauses de juridiction et de droit applicable en pensant à la médiation, à l’arbitrage, etc.?")

Marc Beyens, President of the IJE (Institute of In-house Lawyers) and a member of CEPANI, and Philippe Lambrecht, Administrator-Secretary General of the Federation of Belgian Enterprises and Vice-President of CEPANI, will serve as Co-chairs of the webinar, which will be conducted in Dutch and French.

For more information, and to register for the webinar, please visit the Federation of Belgian Enterprises website.