PLI's Advanced Trade Secrets 2020: New Risks, New Challenges & Emerging Solutions

9:00 am - 5:00 pm PT

Randy Kay, a partner in Jones Day's Intellectual Property Practice, will participate in a panel entitled "Trade Secret Misappropriation in the International Arena" during PLI's "Advanced Trade Secrets 2020: New Risks, New Challenges & Emerging Solutions" webinar.

Trade secrets can be among an organization’s most valuable assets at every stage of research, development and commercialization. Trade secrets law can protect cutting edge technologies, profit-enhancing improvements to mature technologies, and a host of valuable information in between. The importance of trade secrets law—and potential risks to trade secrets--is magnified when organizations increasingly collaborate with other companies, sometimes including competitors, in the United States and abroad, and when employees and consultants who have become immersed in trade secrets move among multiple players in the industry, or even just work remotely.  The price of electing to protect information as a trade secret is eternal vigilance, which means that to succeed, organizations must stay on top of the latest developments in protecting trade secrets and litigating and defending against claims of misappropriation. This program brings together experts and thought leaders in the field to help you do just that.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn what the courts, legislatures, prosecutors, government agencies and economic experts are thinking and doing about trade secrets issues
  • Find out how to make “reasonable” measures to protect trade secrets “workable” measures for your organization, particularly in a time of remote work
  • Understand the steps necessary for lawyers and clients to perform in the earliest days of a trade secret dispute
  • Mistakes happen. Explore the steps you need to take to ensure that mistakes do not jeopardize a development program
  • Review strategies to make sure your reverse engineering is clean engineering
  • Learn why domestic organizations need to think about international trade secrets enforcement, and what non-U.S. organizations need to know about U.S. litigation
  • Understand the “value” of a trade secret and the challenges in determining such
  • Learn to navigate potential ethical minefields in trade secrets disputes

Who Should Attend

PLI has designed this program to help those responsible for assisting clients in protecting, exploiting, and sharing intellectual property; structuring business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions and related due diligence; and litigating and resolving business disputes. It will benefit intellectual property lawyers, corporate counsel, employment lawyers, white collar criminal and investigations lawyers, and others involved in protecting intellectual property and key strategic personnel.


For more information on this webinar, including registration and CLE details, please visit "Advanced Trade Secrets 2020: New Risks, New Challenges & Emerging Solutions" on the PLI website.