Australian Tax Office Focus Areas for Large Business and Multinationals – COVID-19 and Beyond

Tax Practice partner Dr. Niv Tadmore hosted Rebecca Saint, Australian Tax Office ("ATO") Deputy Commissioner Public Groups, and Michelle de Niese, Corporate Tax Association Executive Director, to discuss the ATO's focus areas for large businesses and multinationals during COVID-19 and beyond. The webinar attracted great interest, with more than 400 participants from across Australia, the United States, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, and provided a timely opportunity to hear about key contemporaneous issues from the perspectives of the ATO and corporate taxpayers.  

The discussion focused on the ATO's approach during Covid-19, ATO review activities going forward and what is attracting the ATO's attention, the Justified Trust Project so far and the way forward, corporate tax transparency, ATO early engagement with foreign investors, and the prevention and resolution of tax disputes.