Joshua M.Taylor (Josh)


Minneapolis + 1.612.217.8919

Josh Taylor joined our New Lawyers Group (NLG) in 2020. The NLG provides our newest lawyers with the opportunity to gain exposure to different practice areas and lawyering styles before making a commitment to a specific practice. Individuals in the NLG may focus on a particular area of practice, or compare practices, during their first year with Jones Day.

Prior to joining Jones Day, Josh served for seven years as a surface warfare officer in the U.S. Navy and Navy Reserve.


  • Pro bono client serving ten-year sentence for non-violent drug offense obtains compassionate releaseOn March 5, 2021, Jones Day secured the compassionate release of Gadelle Ferguson, in light of the fact that his pre-existing health conditions rendered him uniquely susceptible to an elevated risk of severe illness or death if he were to contract COVID-19 in federal prison.