Steven B.Small

Of Counsel

Melbourne + 61.3.9101.6814

Steven Small has assisted clients with navigating the complexities and challenges of taxation disputes for nearly 20 years. His experience includes federal income tax litigation, anti-avoidance litigation, state tax disputes, and audit and objection processes prior to litigation. Steven advises and represents clients throughout the dispute process, including providing initial advice to clients on prospects, preparing evidence for use in litigation, briefing expert witnesses, briefing counsel, and being the primary client-facing contact for a dispute.

Steven has experience as a litigator in the High Court and Federal Court of Australia, the Supreme Court of Victoria, and federal and state administrative tribunals. He has helped clients reach successful outcomes in many matters, including a $300 million anti-avoidance case for a U.S.-based multinational and a $50 million customs dispute for a European-based wind turbine manufacturer.

Prior to working in the commercial sector, Steven held positions at the Australian Government Solicitor and at the Australian Taxation Office.