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Of Counsel

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Peter Romatowski has deep experience in the representation, prosecution, and defense of U.S. and foreign companies, their directors, board committees, and executives in all variety of criminal, internal investigation, and securities enforcement matters.

As a federal prosecutor and Chief of the SDNY Securities and Commodities Fraud Unit, Peter tried cases involving insider trading by a Wall Street Journal reporter, a successful manipulation that tripled the price of an NYSE-listed stock, and other offenses from narcotics to bank fraud. His defense experience includes jury acquittals on criminal charges of withholding pharmaceutical drug test results from the FDA and alleged false statements to USDA in connection with a major food recall. He has served as a monitor to oversee a company's compliance with a settlement of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act charges and as U.S. counsel to an FCPA monitor for a foreign issuer.

Client and peer reviewers cite his "extensive trial experience in securities cases" (Chambers 2008); "a first choice for referrals for peers" (2009); "wonderfully smart and analytically strong" (2010); "a charismatic man and a superb lawyer" (2011); "an outstanding communicator with all constituents" (2012); "the go-to lawyer for investigations and securities cases for many companies ... particularly praised for his analytical skills" (2013); "terrific, very well prepared and smart" (2015); "[t]ermed ‘an institution’ by peers . . . ‘[e]veryone likes and respects him, including the government and investigators’" (2016); and "clients describe him as ‘among the strongest defenders of companies in enforcement actions — fair but tough’" (2019).


  • Former CEO of multinational metals and mining corporation represented in SEC investigationJones Day represents the former CEO of a multinational metals and mining corporation in an SEC investigation related to accounting and disclosure issues and a subsequent lawsuit filed by the SEC.
  • U.S. company investigates handling of whistleblower complaintsJones Day investigated and provided advice regarding the handling of whistleblower complaints concerning possible corrupt and fraudulent activity at a U.S. company's Brazilian subsidiary.
  • CEO of information technology company resolves SEC investigationJones Day represented the former CEO of an information technology company in a settlement to resolve allegations related to an SEC investigation of the company's financial disclosure.
  • National retailer defends allegations of corruption in Latin America and AsiaJones Day is representing a national retailer in an internal investigation into allegations of corruption in multiple countries in Latin America and Asia and related DOJ and SEC investigations.
  • Private equity adviser avoids securities fraud claims by SEC after Wells submissionJones Day convinced the SEC to forgo securities fraud claims against a private equity adviser that provides mezzanine investing opportunities.
  • FCPA monitor's counsel appointed pursuant to DOJ settlementHenry Klehm III, supported by a team of Jones Day attorneys, serves as the counsel on United States legal issues to a non-U.S. national FCPA monitor selected by a European based global company and approved by the Deputy Attorney General pursuant to a $300 million settlement and deferred prosecution agreement with the DOJ and SEC to resolve an investigation of payments to government officials.
  • Special Committee of Board of Directors of international energy services company investigating alleged FCPA violationsJones Day is representing the Special Committee of the Board of Directors of an international energy services company investigating alleged FCPA violations in response to shareholder demand.
  • Bank represented in subprime mortgage and accounting investigationJones Day is representing a major regional bank in SEC investigation of its accounting and disclosure regarding subprime mortgage exposure.
  • Broker-dealer represented in insider trading investigationJones Day represented a broker-dealer in NASD and SEC investigations of insider trading resulting in no action against the firm, but an enforcement action against the firm's largest money manager.
  • Broker-dealer represented in SEC and DOJ stock manipulation investigationsJones Day represented a major regional broker-dealer in SEC and DOJ investigations of a stock manipulation conducted by the firm's broker and a customer.
  • Broker-dealer represented in sales practice investigationJones Day represented a broker-dealer in investigations by and settlements with NASD and several state securities regulators concerning sales practices with respect to a particular product.
  • Car paint manufacturer defended in price fixing investigationJones Day defended a national manufacturer in a Department of Justice criminal antitrust investigation of suspected price fixing in the market for automotive refinishing products.
  • Coke manufacturer secured amnesty in price fixing investigationJones Day represented a leading manufacturer of industrial coke for use in the manufacture of iron and steel in a criminal price fixing investigation.
  • Computer outsourcing firm represented in SEC investigationJones Day represented a Fortune 100 computer outsourcing firm in an SEC investigation and settlement of various accounting and disclosure issues, earnings guidance and questionable foreign payments.
  • Energy trading firm represented in price reporting investigationsJones Day represented an energy trading firm in DOJ investigations and CFTC settlement concerning price reporting for natural gas transactions.
  • European oil company represented in FCPA investigationJones Day is representing a major European oil company in DOJ and SEC investigations of alleged violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
  • Food products manufacturer represented in revenue recognition investigationJones Day represented a $9 billion food manufacturer in SEC investigation of alleged aiding and abetting false revenue recognition by a customer.
  • Food manufacturer defended in criminal investigation of alleged buyers' cartelJones Day represented a $9 billion food manufacturer in a Justice Department criminal antitrust investigation of a suspected buyers' cartel to control prices for an agricultural raw material.
  • FCPA monitor appointed pursuant to DOJ settlementPeter Romatowski, supported by a team of Jones Day attorneys, serves as the FCPA monitor selected by the company and approved by the Deputy Attorney General pursuant to a $30 million settlement and deferred prosecution agreement with the DOJ and SEC to resolve an investigation of payments to government officials in Africa and South America.
  • Hedge fund represented in insider trading investigationJones Day represented a hedge fund in an SEC investigation of alleged insider trading by one of the fund's traders.
  • The following represents experience prior to joining Jones Day.

    White House officials
    Represented a White House Press Secretary and an Associate Counsel to the President through investigations of Whitewater and related matters by two independent counsels and the grand jury, four congressional committees and two inspectors general.

    Associate Attorney General represented in Whitewater Investigation
    Served as lead trial counsel for a former Associate Attorney General of the United States on his third indictment by the Whitewater Independent Counsel.  The case was resolved shortly before trial by a favorable guilty plea and agreed sentence of probation and the stipulated dismissal of related charges against the client, his wife, his lawyer, and his accountant. 

    FBI Sniper/Observer represented in Ruby Ridge investigations
    Represented a sniper/observer member of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team in grand jury and congressional investigations of the Ruby Ridge incident.


    Additional Publications

    • November 2017DOJ's New FCPA Enforcement Policy Continues its "Carrot-and-Stick" Approach
    • September 2017Second Circuit Court of Appeals Expands Insider Trading Liability
    • June 2017U.S. Supreme Court Significantly Limits SEC's Power to Recover Disgorgement
    • February 2017Department of Justice Fraud Section Provides Guidance on Evaluating Corporate Compliance Programs
    • January 2017FCPA 2016 Year in Review
    • December 2016U.S. Supreme Court Clarifies Standards for "Tippee" Insider Trading Liability
    • April 2016Department of Justice FCPA Pilot Program Outlines Incentives for Corporate Self-Disclosure and Cooperation: What's New and Will It Matter?
    • March 2016Individuals in the Cross Hairs? What This Means for Directors
    • January 2016FCPA 2015 Year In Review
    • February 2016SEC Enforcement in Financial Reporting and Disclosures—2015 Update
    • September 2015SEC Flexes Its Muscle on Accounting Fraud and Targets More Individuals
    • September 2015U.S. Department of Justice Announces Updated Guidelines on Individual Accountability for Corporate Wrongdoing
    • August 2015SEC Enforcement Cases and the Role of Monitors
    • March 2015Revisiting My Brother's Keeper: Latest Learning and Best Practices on Dealings with Third Parties under the FCPA
    • March 2015Supreme Court Clarifies Liability Standard for Opinions Expressed in Registration Statements
    • February 2015FCPA Year in Review: 2014
    • June 2014Supreme Court Decision in Halliburton II Affords Welcome Tool to Defendants
    • May 2014Federal Appellate Court Rules that the FCPA Prohibits Corrupt Payments to Certain Foreign Government-Owned Businesses
    • June 2013The Future of Admitting When Settling SEC Enforcement Actions: Some Initial Considerations
    • April 2013SEC Endorses Use of Social Media Under Regulation FD
    • March 2013District Court Rules FCPA Jurisdiction Has Limits
    • January 2013Corporate Internal Investigations: Best Practices, Pitfalls to Avoid
    • December 2012DOJ/SEC's Resource Guide to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Jones Day Summary and Analysis
    • March 2011Outside Directors Fail to Heed Red Flags and Wind Up in SEC Hurricane
    • March 2011U.S. Supreme Court Rules That a Drug’s Adverse Event Reports May be Material to Investors Even Though not "Statistically Significant"
    • April 2010SEC Targets Independent Director for Failing to Investigate CEO
    • March 2010Pending Legislation Would Expand Scope of Parties that May Be Sued for Securities Fraud
    • October 2009SEC Faces Challenge to Its Attempt to "Claw back" Millions from Senior Executive Not Charged with Wrongdoing
    • March 2006The Legal Obligation to Maintain Accurate Books and Records in U.S. and Non-U.S. Operations

    Speaking Engagements

    • June 20, 2017Current Issues in Internal and Government Investigations: What Companies Should Know
    • November 13-14, 2014ABA Ninth Annual National Institute on Securities Fraud
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