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Peter Canfield has handled, by dispositive motion, trial, or on appeal, hundreds of libel, privacy, and access cases. He has represented digital media and cable programmers, newspapers and wire services, book and magazine publishers, and radio and television broadcast stations and networks, as well as non-media entities and individuals. He also regularly counsels and negotiates prelitigation resolution of such disputes.

In addition, Peter has significant experience in other high-stakes matters, assisting clients with challenges to government regulations, false claim issues, shareholder disputes, securities claims, advertising issues, contests for high-status personnel, class privacy and data breach assertions, and legal malpractice.

Media clients, in addition to Georgia-based companies, have included ABC, AP, Block, Bloomberg, CBC, CBS, Condé Nast, Courthouse News, FirstDatabank, Fremantle, ESPN, Hearst, iN Demand, Interscope, Lions Gate, Macmillan, Microsoft, MTV, National Public Radio (NPR), Newsweek, New York Times, Penguin Putnam, Sports Illustrated, Time, Times of London, Vibe, and Washington Post. Non-media clients have included leading business enterprises, national advertisers like Sprint, educational entities like Emory and The University of Georgia, and a number of the nation's top law firms.

A First Amendment lawyer by reputation, Peter has had involvement with Second Amendment issues beginning with his representation of the Mayor of New York City in a defamation lawsuit brought by a Georgia gun dealer. He has since represented the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and Everytown For Gun Safety in Second Amendment litigation in Georgia and elsewhere in the country, including Colorado, Florida, and Washington State.


  • Coalition of hospitals and patients obtain Eleventh Circuit decision unsealing documentsOn behalf of a coalition of hospitals and patients that are challenging a fundamental change in the way donated organs are allocated, Jones Day obtained an Eleventh Circuit decision unsealing certain documents related to the litigation.
  • NPR obtains government disclosure and attorney’s fees in Freedom of Information Act suitJones Day obtained a complete victory for National Public Radio Inc. (“NPR”), as well as one of its journalists, in a lawsuit challenging the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (“FEMA”) withholding of critical information regarding the use of hundreds of millions of dollars of federal funds to purchase property throughout the country at risk of flooding or other natural disaster.
  • News media defeats web pundit Facebook conspiracy claimJones Day represented CNN, NPR, PBS, and NewsHour Productions LLC in obtaining a dismissal of a web pundit plaintiff's claim that the media companies conspired with Facebook to prevent the plaintiff's media company from making effective use of the social media platform.
  • Professors seek to enjoin new Georgia law permitting students to carry guns on Georgia's public university campusesOn behalf of a half dozen professors from three Georgia universities, Jones Day filed suit against Georgia's governor and attorney general to enjoin a new Georgia law requiring the university system to permit students to carry guns on the state's public university campuses.
  • Everytown for Gun Safety defends Washington State ballot measure requiring background checks for firearm salesJones Day successfully represented Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund in intervening at trial and on appeal to defend a successful Washington state ballot measure requiring background checks for all firearm sales and transfers.
  • Metro Atlanta Chamber weighs in on Georgia gun carry lawJones Day argued on behalf of the Metro Atlanta Chamber that Georgia's 2014 'guns everywhere' law should not be interpreted to strip private businesses leasing public property of the right to exclude guns from their premises.
  • Twenty-five media organizations want Georgia free speech protections to apply in federal courtOn behalf of 25 media organizations, Jones Day argued that the free speech protections of Georgia's new anti-SLAPP law apply in federal court in an amicus brief filed in the Eleventh Circuit in support of CNN.
  • Everytown and Moms Demand Action intervene and participate as amicus in support of public safety measures related to gun violenceJones Day is representing Everytown for Gun Safety and its affiliate Moms Demand Action as party or amicus in multiple lawsuits, arguing in support of public safety measures that respect the Second Amendment and protect people from gun violence.
  • Gray Television wins emergency motion allowing company to participate in National Incentive Spectrum AuctionIn a case with important ramifications for the historic National Incentive Spectrum Auction being held by the Federal Communications Commission, Jones Day client Gray Television Group, Inc. obtained a critical emergency order from the Georgia Supreme Court allowing Gray to participate in the Auction.
  • NPR seeks advice on First Amendment, corporate, and labor mattersJones Day is providing ongoing advice to National Public Radio, Inc. (NPR) in connection with First Amendment, labor and employment, intellectual property, and general corporate matters.
  • Courthouse News Service argues for preservation of public access to Georgia court filesJones Day client Courthouse News Service argued for the official adoption of statewide minimum standards and uniform court rules to preserve public access to electronic court files during Georgia's county by county transition from paper filing open to the public to e-filing tailored to the parties.
  • News organizations file amicus brief urging application of Georgia anti-SLAPP statute to Purple Heart defamation actionNews organizations represented by Jones Day filed an amicus brief urging application of the protections of Georgia's anti-SLAPP statute to a defamation action brought against the Atlanta Fox News affiliate.
  • The following represents experience acquired prior to joining Jones Day.

    Secured $129 million judgment for minority shareholder in corporate waste and fraud litigation.

    Defended NASCAR sponsorship rights of national wireless carrier against competing carrier.

    Represented British software design firm in dispute with U.S. home repair retailer.

    Represented joint venture partner in opposing Delaware chancery court effort by other partner to enjoin proposed wind down of business.

    Represented computer systems firm in challenge to integrity of state procurement process.

    Represented AmLaw 100 law firms sued in connection with representations related to termination of a brokerage firm and a client investor's investigation of corporate management.

    Represented gas utility subsidiary in seeking regulatory approval for construction of fiber-optic communications network.

    Secured dismissal of libel claims against Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other city of New York officials in a Georgia gun dealer action.

    Represented movie maker and distributors in music copyright infringement action.

    Represented class of lawyers in striking statutory restriction on television advertising.

    Represented local and national newspapers in securing injunction and attorney's fees against city effort to enjoin the distribution of newspapers through news racks at airport.

    Obtained dismissal of class action Telephone Consumer Protection Act claims against radio broadcasters.

    Obtained defense verdict for national news magazine accused of libel for misnaming plaintiff in connection with bombing of Pan Am 102.

    Secured dismissal of libel lawsuit brought by Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park bombing suspect Richard Jewell against The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    Speaking Engagements

    • February 23-25, 2022
      Chair, 31st Annual Georgia Bar Media & Judiciary Conference
    • February 8, 2022
      Q&A with Hon. Eric Komitee (EDNY), The Life and Times of Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr., Federal Bar Council Inn of Court
    • February 24-26, 2021
      Chair, 30th Annual Georgia Bar Media & Judiciary Conference
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      Vetting Political Ads/Media Law Resource Center
    • September 17, 2020
      Judge Frank Johnson's Impact and the U.S. Constitution, Constitution Day Panel, Caroline Marshall Draughon Center for the Arts & Humanities, Auburn University
    • May 18, 2020
      Travelin' Down Freedom's Mainline, Freedom Rides Museum Honors 59th Anniversary with Storytelling Series, Alabama Historical Commission
    • February 28, 2020
      Chair, 29th Annual Georgia Bar Media & Judiciary Conference
    • January 24, 2020
      Professionalism: Everything You Already Learned in Kindergarten, JD CLE Academy
    • January 23, 2020
      Moderator, Georgia First Amendment Foundation Legislative Breakfast
    • December 18, 2019
      Chair, 11th Annual Georgia and the Second Amendment Conference: Gun Rights and Regulation in Georgia and Beyond
    • October 11, 2019
      Hidden Legal Figures: A Spotlight on Lawyers and Judges in the Civil Rights Revolution, 2019 Southern Conference of Bar Presidents
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      Professionalism Topic: When the Press Comes Knocking, Jones Day CLE Academy
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      When an Eagle Shields the Dove: Historical Reflections with Ambassador Andrew Young, Judge Frank M. Johnson Jr. Centennial, United States Court for the Middle District of Alabama
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      Hot Topics in International Media Law, PLI's Communications Law in the Digital Age 2018
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      From Columbine to Parkland: How to Prevent Gun Violence in Our Schools, panelist, Georgia State University College of Law
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      Fair Use, Fair Dealing & Copyright Reform / MLRC Legipresse Conference for European Media Lawyers
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      Analysis of Georgia Drone Legislation, Georgia First Amendment Foundation 2016 Legislative Breakfast
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      Ethics Begin at Home - Ethical Issues Facing In-House Counsel, Jones Day Atlanta 2015 CLE Academy
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      “Judge Frank M. Johnson and the Law” panel discussion, Alabama Historical Commission’s Freedom Rides Museum
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      6th Annual Georgia and the Second Amendment Conference
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      Reporter's Privilege: Protecting the Sources of Our News, A Free Speech Week Presentation of Kennesaw State University and the Media Law Resource Center Institute
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