Dr. Michael W.Bühler


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Michael Bühler focuses on international dispute resolution in complex arbitrations. He has represented major corporations and state-owned entities in more than 150 arbitrations and has acted as chairman, sole arbitrator, and party-appointed arbitrator in more than 40 arbitrations worldwide.

Michael represents clients in dispute resolutions prior to arbitration (including DABs, expert adjudications, and mediations) and acts as lead or co-counsel in arbitrations under the ICC Rules and those of the arbitration associations of Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, and the United States and under the UNCITRAL Rules, ICSID, WIPO (Geneva), and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Lausanne). He conducts arbitrations throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region in the following fields: civil construction, engineering, supply of industrial equipment, and industrial or power plants (often involving the application of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract, in common, civil, and Islamic law); oil and gas projects; hotel development projects and hotel management contracts; and distribution and license agreements in various sectors, including the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, liquor, and luxury goods industries.

Michael started his career as counsel at the ICC International Court of Arbitration, of which he was the German member (1997-2009). He is co-chair of the Task Force of the ICC Commission on Arbitration on the Revision of the ICC Arbitration Rules (2008-2011), a member of the ICC Commission on International Arbitration, the IBA, and of various arbitration institutions. Michael is coauthor of the Handbook of ICC Arbitration (4th edition, 2018, Sweet & Maxwell).


  • OHADA reforms arbitration and mediation lawsJones Day is advising the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa, OHADA, in reforming its arbitration act and creating a mediation act.
  • Major European natural gas producer arbitrates multimillion dollar gas price review against northwest European natural gas buyerJones Day is representing a major European natural gas producer in complex multimillion dollar gas price review ICC arbitration proceedings in Geneva under Swiss law brought by a northwest European natural gas buyer under a long-term gas supply agreement.
  • Major European natural gas producer arbitrates multimillion dollar gas price review under UNCITRAL RulesJones Day is representing a major European natural gas producer in relation to a complex multimillion dollar gas price review in an ad hoc arbitration under the UNCITRAL Rules seated in Stockholm under Russian Law brought by an European natural gas buyer under a long term gas supply agreement.
  • Turkish franchisee arbitrates wrongful termination dispute with French franchisorJones Day is representing a Turkish franchisee in the quick service restaurant business against a French franchisor in a wrongful termination dispute in an ICC arbitration seated in Paris involving French and Turkish intellectual property and trademark law.
  • Shipbuilder successfully defends claims brought by Libyan national maritime authorityAfter obtaining an ICC arbitral award, Jones Day successfully defended a shipbuidler against annulment proceedings before the London High Court brought by the Libyan national maritime authority.
  • Prominent African businessman represented before Special Criminal Court of Yaounde regarding embezzlement of public fundsJones Day is assisting a prominent African businessman in a case of alleged embezzlement of public funds before the Special Criminal Court ("Tribunal Criminel Spécial") as well as the Supreme Court of Cameroon.
  • Gazprom Export defends against ad hoc arbitration involving multi billion dollar gas price review proceedingsJones Day is representing OAO Gazprom and OOO Gazprom Export in relation to multi billion dollar gas price review proceedings in an ad hoc arbitration in Stockholm under Russian law brought by Poland's state-owned oil and gas company, PGNiG, under a long term gas supply agreement.
  • Operator of gas pipeline disputes breach of contract allegations brought by European marketing and trading companyJones Day represented the operator of a gas pipeline in a Paris-based ICC arbitration under Swiss law in a dispute with a gas, power, and environmental product marketing and trading company arising out of alleged breaches of contract.
  • Gazprom Export defends against gas price revision request made by RWE Transgas under long term gas supply contractJones Day is representing Gazprom Export LLC in relation to US$4 billion gas price review proceedings in a Vienna-based ICC arbitration under Austrian law brought by RWE Transgas the Czech Republic's national importer under a long term gas supply agreement.
  • German renewable energy company defends against ICC arbitration claimJones Day is representing the renewable energy subsidiary of a German company in a Munich-based ICC arbitration under German law in a dispute with a UK engineering company concerning claims for additional costs in the execution of works for an offshore tidal power installation
  • Operator of gas pipeline disputes breach of contract allegations brought by European energy corporationJones Day is representing the European operator of a gas pipeline in a Paris-based ICC arbitration under Swiss law in a dispute with a corporation arising out of alleged breaches of contract.
  • Operator of gas pipeline disputes breach of contract allegations brought by European consortiumJones Day is representing the operator of a gas pipeline in a Milan-based ICC arbitration under Swiss law brought by a consortium of heavy gas consuming manufacturers in a dispute arising out of alleged breaches related to a contract for gas transportation services.
  • Mexican multinational disputes European construction company over failed divesture of assets transactionJones Day represents a Mexican multinational in a dispute with a European construction company over a failed transaction for divesture of assets. The amount in dispute is in excess of USD $200 million.
  • German and Mexican subsidiaries of multinational German company defend against allegations involving defective productsJones Day represented German and Mexican subsidiaries of a multinational German company in an ICC arbitration commenced against them by a Mexican company for alleged defective products.
  • German multinational company defends against arbitration by Turkish agent in relation to US$4 million unpaid commission feesJones Day represented a German multinational company in an ICC arbitration commenced against it by a Turkish agent in connection with a US$4 million claim for unpaid commission fees.
  • Hydropower generation company brings claims against Italian contractor in relation to hydropower project in North AfricaJones Day represented a hydropower generation company in a 20 million ICC mediation and arbitration against an Italian contractor related to a hydropower project in North Africa.
  • Pharmaceutical company defends US$100 million WIPO arbitrationJones Day is representing a pharmaceutical company in a US$100 million WIPO arbitration against another pharmaceutical company in connection with the performance of a license agreement.
  • German multinational company brings arbitration claims against Turkish agent in relation to non-performance of settlement agreementJones Day represented a German multinational company in an ICC arbitration against a Turkish agent in connection with non-performance of a settlement agreement.
  • International hotel management group brings arbitration claims against French hotel owner in relation to management contractJones Day represents an international hotel management group in an ICC arbitration under French law against a French hotel owner in a dispute over a hotel management contract.
  • Finnish industrial group in arbitration with a private investor group over the sale of a group of companiesJones Day represented a Finnish industrial group in a dispute over the sale of a group of companies to a private investor group from the United Kingdom and France in a Frankfurt-based, ICC arbitration in English, under English and German law.
  • Speaking Engagements

    • October 18-19, 2018
      Regulatory Cooperation & Dispute Settlement, TÜSIAD, BRICA Istanbul Summit
    • May 23, 2018
      Nouveaux développements des modes alternatifs de règlement des litiges – arbitrage et médiation – dans l’espace OHADA, OHADA/CIAN Réunion Commission juridique et fiscale
    • January 25, 2018
      CEPANI40 Lunch debate on "Security for Costs" in international arbitration
    • October 26, 2016
      Révision des dispositions du droit OHADA en matière d'arbitrage et de médiation at CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre
    • October 25, 2016
      Keys to successful arbitration in Africa, The In-House Counsel Going Global, In-House Counsel World Summit (ICW) 2016
    • June 23, 2016
      Regards croisés sur l'Acte uniforme OHADA relatif au droit de l'arbitrage
    • November 20, 2015
      Do's and Dont's as an Arbitrator in International Arbitration, Lawyers' Association of Denmark and Norway
    • May 28, 2015
      Keynote speaker at conference "2015 DIspute Resolution in M&A/JV Transaction" organized by the Court of Arbitration LEWIATAN
    • May 14, 2015
      International Arbitration Seminar organized by Jones Day and SIAC, Session 1: The Right to Arbitrate
    • May 12, 2015
      International Arbitration Seminar organized by Jones Day and SIAC, Session 1: The Right to Arbitrate
    • April 14, 2015
      Global Disputes Seminar - Saving Time and Costs: A Roundtable Discussion On The New ICC Rules and Alternative Arbitration Rules in The MENA Region
    • December 2, 2014
      International Projects and Force Majeure: Ebola, political crises and terrorist acts
    • 2 décembre 2014
      Projets Internationaux et Force Majeure : Ebola, crises politiques et actes de terrorisme
    • July 22, 2014
      Young Arbitrators Forum, Jones Day and ICC
    • April 10, 2014
      International Dispute Resolution Clauses at UCB Seminar
    • February 28, 2014
      Vienna Arbitration Days 2014: Applicable Law in International Arbitration - Issues of Procedure
    • September 19, 2013
      The 2012 ICC Arbitration Rules: A First Assessment at Lunch debate at CEPANI: Cost and efficiency in arbitration + Major changes in ICC rules
    • June 14, 2013
      How to get the best out of arbitration in distribution/choosing jurisdiction and applicable law in distribution contracts - Strategies and recent trends during 2013 Annual Meeting of the International Distribution Institute (IDI)
    • May 7, 2013
      The New ICC Arbitration Rules 2012 - Changes and First Experiences, ICC Austria
    • March 25, 2013
      Ninth Annual Leading Arbitrators' Conference, session co-chair
    • January 26, 2013
      The Power to Enforce Discipline during VAD Vienna Arbitration Days 2013
    • October 8-9, 2012
      Provisions on Joinder, Claims between multiple parties, Multi-contract arbitrations and Consolidation in the ICC 2012 Rules of Arbitration during Training on The 2012 ICC Rules of Arbitration
    • February 23, 2012
      Executive Roundtable Series: International Litigation and Arbitration: Offensive and Defensive Trends for Corporate Counsel
    • February 8, 2012
      Multi-party, multi-contract arbitration and consolidation during ICC UAE Workshop on the new ICC Rules of Arbitration
    • January 17, 2012
      The Emergency Arbitrator - his appointment and his role, CEPANI Colloquium
    • January 10, 2012
      ICC Turkey Bilgi University Istanbul, The New Multi-party Regime under the 2012 ICC Rules of Arbitration
    • December 7, 2011
      ICC Russia: Arbitrability under German law
    • December 6, 2011
      International Arbitration Academy: The Arbitrator
    • December 1, 2011
      Interplay between Dispute Boards and Arbitral Tribunals, II session, International Construction Disputes: Dispute Board and Arbitration of Camera Arbitrale Milano
    • 25 novembre 2011
      Le nouveau règlement d'arbitrage de la CCI: les changements majeurs à prendre en compte pour la résolution de vos litiges
    • 25 novembre 2011
      Le nouveau réglement d'arbitrage de la CCI : les changements majeurs à prendre en compte pour la résolution de vos litiges
    • November 21, 2011
      MACI Lecture 2011: Le nouveau règlement de la CCI de 2012: entre tradition et nouveautés
    • November 16, 2011
      ICC Ukraine seminar on the new ICC Arbitration Rules 2012, Managing cost and time
    • October 18, 2011
      DIS, Die neue ICC-Schiedsgerichtsordnung 2012: Hintergründe der Reform
    • October 3-4, 2011
      ICC Austria, The New 2012 ICC Arbitration Rules, Changes & Challenges, The Arbitral Tribunal
    • September 27, 2011
      ICC - Workshop zur neuen Schiedsgerichtsordnung, IHK Munich, ICC Deutschland
    • September 23, 2011
      ICC - Workshop zur neuen Schiedsgerichtsordnung, IHK Frankfurt, ICC Deutschland
    • September 22, 2011
      ICC - Workshop zur neuen Schiedsgerichtsordnung, IHK Düsseldorf, ICC Deutschland
    • September 21, 2011
      ICC - Workshop zur neuen Schiedsgerichtsordnung, IHK Hamburg, ICC Deutschland
    • September 12-13, 2011
      L'arbitre d'urgence, 2012 ICC Rules of Arbitration Launching Conference
    • July 1, 2011
      Presentation of new ICC rules, IWIS - Seminar International Commercial Arbitration
    • 7 février 2011
      Dans le cadre de la 6ème compétition internationale de médiation commerciale organisée par la Chambre de Commerce Internationale (CCI), Jones Day Paris a organisé un cocktail pour plus de 400 personnes à l'Hôtel de Talleyrand
    • February 7, 2011
      6th International Commercial Mediation Competition organized by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
    • December 8, 2010
      Best practices for international commercial arbitrators: how far are we?, Sesson Two, The 15th Geneva Global Arbitration Forum
    • November 24-25, 2010
      The Protection of IP Contracts and the ICC Rules of arbitration, Session One, WAFIP 2010
    • November 10-11, 2010
      (Proposed) Changes To The ICC Rules of Arbitration, Session IV – ICC Dispute Resolution Services, International Conference on ICC Trade Tools, ICC Turkey
    • October 12-14, 2010
      Seventh Annual Seminar: International Commercial Arbitration How to Handle Competition Issues – Stage III: The Arbitral Procedure, Wshington College of Law
    • April 28, 2010
      The Last Resort: Construction Arbitration, Jones Day London Constructing & Operating Major Projects: UK & International Perspectives Seminar
    • April 15-17, 2010
      Revision of the UNCITRAL Rules, Session Chair: Reasons behind the revision of the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, Arab University
    • November 12, 2009
      The production of documents, at CEPANI Colloquium, L'administration de la Preuve - The Taking of Evidence
    • October 16, 2009
      Arbitrating Construction Disputes: Multiparty and Multicontract Issues, Joint ICC/FIDIC Conference
    • October 8, 2009
      The works of Task Force of the ICC Commission on Arbitration on the revision of the ICC Rules of Arbitration at Hot topics - Dispute Resolution Section, International Bar Association, Annual Conference
    • September 14, 2009
      ICC Arbitral Awards: Defining Features, ICC New York Conference, Dissenting opinions
    • October 2008
      Ten years of 1998 ICC Arbitration Rules – current practice and future, Bi-annual Seminar of German Arbitration Institution (DIS)
    • August 26-30, 2008
      Special features of ICC Arbitration, 46th AIJA Congress
    • March 24-26, 2008
      On the role of Arbitration in promoting investment, Conference of the Ministry of Justice, State of Kuwait
    • September 24, 2007
      Second Annual ICC New York Conference, ICC Arbitration Today: Arbitrator Independence
    • March 26 2007
      Cross-claims, The Common Law Perspective, ICC Symposium of Arbitrators on “Claims, Counterclaims, Cross-Claims and Set-off Claims”
    • November 3, 2006
      Current issues & Trends in ICC Arbitration, ICC Turkey International Arbitration Seminar
    • March 27- 28, 2006
      Arbitral procedure: Evidence and Hearings, ICC IAAP Workshop
    • June 13-16, 2005
      Chairman of first PIDA Seminar in German, with study of an ICC arbitration mock case, held under the auspices of the ICC Institute of World Business Law
    • October 7-8, 2004
      The Swedish Arbitration Act, 1999, Five Years On: A Critical Review of Strengths and Weaknesses
    • December 8, 2003
      'Judicial Support in International Commercial Arbitration' - Paper presented at the 2003 International Arbitration Conference, The Arbitration Association of the Republic of China, Rebar Crown Plaza
    • December 8, 2003
      Judicial Support in International Commercial Arbitration, 2003 International Arbitration Conference, The Arbitration Association of the R.O.C.
    • December 12, 2002
      L'interprétation des clauses de contrats internationaux: pratique arbitrale et judiciaire, Quelle rédaction privilégier?, EFE seminar, Contrats Internationaux
    • 22-23 octobre 2002
      Résolution Amiable des Litiges - La négotiation des clauses de règlement amiable des litiges : quelles précautions envisager?, Séminaire EFE
    • March 18, 2002
      The Exercise of Power and Responsibility of Arbitrators in International Commercial Arbitration, ICC London Joint Colloquium, Tight Timetables for written and oral submissions
    • November 5-6, 2001
      Construction claims and resolution around the globe, Panel discussion giving the perspective from Continental Europe, The Global Construction Superconference
    • October 24, 2001
      Kostenentscheidungen (decisions on costs), DIS-seminar
    • October 23-24, 2001
      Der Schiedsspruch (the arbitral award), DIS seminar
    • October 5-6, 2001
      Drafting international contracts, ISDACI Colloquium, Confidentiality undertakings in international contracts
    • October 3-5, 2001
      Dispute resolution in international commercial agreements, Hawksmere Seminar, International Commercial Agreements
    • August 13-15, 2001
      Dispute Resolution in International Commercial Agreements, Hawksmere Seminar on Negotiating , Drafting and Understanding International Commercial Agreements
    • March 2-3, 2001
      La Rédaction des Contrats Commerciaux Internationaux, ICC Paris Colloquium, Les Clauses de Confidentialité dans les Contrats Internationaux
    • June 15, 2000
      The Making and Enforcement of The Arbitral Award, Commentary and Discussion on Scene Two: The Issues of Costs and Interest, Institute for Transnational Arbitration's 11th Annual Workshop
    • May 22-24, 2000
      Settlement of disputes Arbitration For Oil & Gas Contracts, ADCCAC Workshop, The Constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal
    • May 11-12, 1999
      Drafting the Arbitration Clause: Its importance and practical impact for commercial arbitration, DCCI Commercial Conciliation & Arbitration Centre Workshop on Commercial Arbitration
    • May 11-12, 1999
      The choice of the applicable law, DCCI Commercial Condition & Arbitration Centre Seminar on international commercial arbitration
    • May 26-27, 1998
      Règlement alternatif des différends, EFE Conference
    • February 20-21, 1997
      Arbitration of International Commercial Disputes Mock Case, Chairman of Mock Tribunal, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce seminar
    • November 11-13, 1996
      International Commercial Arbitration, at DCCI, ICC Arbitration Rules and Practice and Role of ICC Court
    • November 11-13, 1996
      The General Framework of International Arbitrations, Workshop organized by the Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation & Arbitration Center, Settlement of Disputes/Arbitrations for Oil & Gas Contracts
    • April 20, 1996
      How to commence and conduct an arbitration, AIJA Conference
    • April 19, 1996
      Financing International Projects, A case study; the role of arbitration and arbitration clauses, PIDA, ICC Paris
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