The Key Role of the Private Sector in the Reconstruction of Ukraine

Jones Day Paris Office

On 24 January 2023, the Firm held an in-person roundtable in the Marshall Center in Paris on "The Key Role of the Private Sector in the Reconstruction of Ukraine." The private sector has an important role to play to assist in the rebuilding of Ukraine in a variety of ways, including direct investment, critical projects, and mobilizing capital. Nearly 50 high-level representatives from our major financial institutions, energy and infrastructure corporates, multilateral and development agencies, and the Ukrainian and French governments engaged in a robust discussion of the reconstruction needs, how the private sector can assist, and issues to navigate with regard to private sector investments. We hope that our gathering is an inspiration for further discussion of these issues.

Notable Participants:

  • Serhiy Tsivkach, Executive Director, UkraineInvest
  • Yevhenii Shakotko, Deputy Executive Director, UkraineInvest
  • Constantin Sigov, Director European Center, Kyiv-Mohla University; co-author of When Ukraine Rises
  • Laure Mandeville, Senior Reporter, Le Figaro; co-author of When Ukraine Rises
  • Jacob Kirkegaard, Senior Fellow, German Marshall Fund
  • Vincent Pringault, Head of Turkey - Balkans - CIS and Middle East Division, French Treasury Department
  • Carlos de Cordoue, CEO, Crédit Agricole Ukraine
  • Alban Caillemer du Ferrage, Partner, Jones Day
  • Jean-Guillaume de Tocqueville, Partner, Jones Day
  • Jayant Tambe, Partner, Jones Day
  • Lauri Sawyer, Partner, Jones Day
  • Nadiya Nychay, Partner, Jones Day
  • Edward Nalbantian, Of Counsel, Jones Day
  • Olga Goncharska, Counsel, Jones Day

Key Takeaways:

  • Reconstruction discussions are an expression of hope and support for Ukraine.
  • Now is the time to focus on legal and structural reforms, including strengthening the rule of law and judicial independence.
  • Ukraine needs assistance with the development of financial products.
  • Private investment will be necessary for, and will play a key role in, the reconstruction of Ukraine.
  • Cooperation will be key to address potential obstacles to private investment in Ukrainian reconstruction.