Navigating Sanctions in 2021 for EMEA Businesses

12.30 CET

2020 has been a consequential year, marked by significant developments in U.S., EU, and UK sanctions and export controls that directly impact European businesses operating in the global market. Developments in 2020 and over the past few years have brought novel challenges to the fore, including:

  • Expanded use of U.S. secondary sanctions and export controls, 
  • Emergence of Global Magnitsky-style (human rights) sanctions regimes in the United Kingdom and European Union, 
  • Increased pressure for more active enforcement of EU sanctions, 
  • Advent of an independent UK sanctions regime, and 
  • Growing divergence between U.S. and EU sanctions policies.

2021 promises to be no less noteworthy, as key transitions occur in the United States—with a new administration taking office inheriting the mark the current administration has made on U.S. sanctions and export control policy—and in the European Union and United Kingdom – with the Brexit transition period ending on December 31. These transitions will have far-reaching implications for global trade.

In this virtual roundtable, we will review the critical developments of 2020 and discuss updated risk management strategies for 2021. Our speakers, members of Jones Day's global sanctions team, are qualified and positioned in key jurisdictions – the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Middle East – in order to provide an integrated perspective on the implications of developments over the past year and main challenges facing global businesses in the year ahead.

Our speakers include:

  • Rick van ’t Hullenaar, partner, Amsterdam 
  • Harriet Territt, partner, London
  • Sean Boyce, partner, Dubai
  • Eva Monard, partner, Brussels

The webinar is mainly of interest for general counsel, legal counsel, chief legal officers, chief compliance officers, company secretaries, and positions in compliance, sanctions, trade, ethics, and all other comparable positions.

For further information, please contact Femke Kools at To register, please click here.