Jones Day Professorship of Commercial Law Lecture 2020 - Artificial Intelligence and the Idea of a Legal Singularity

Synopsis: Artificial intelligence (AI), as an idea, has captured the legal imagination, with visions of a future populated by machines simulating legal advisers and even judges. While progress is being made in a variety of areas, including partial automation of discovery, due diligence, compliance, information retrieval, and drafting functions, the limits are often hard to articulate. What do projected upward curves of superintelligences mean for the future of law and human lawyers? This talk will explain how we can measure progress towards a legal singularity as a shape evolving in three dimensions: (1) availability of useful tools; (2) capability in terms of affordances and limitations of different techniques; and (3) legitimacy and appropriateness. Of these, the third dimension has and will likely continue to present the most significant barrier. This takes us beyond potentially fixable design problems to fundamental questions about the importance of humanity in law. 

Presented by: Professor Lyria Bennett Moses, UNSW Sydney

Panel Discussion: 

The Honourable Justice Lee Seiu Kin, Supreme Court Singapore
Professor Lyria Bennett Moses, University of New South Wales
Mr. Samir C. Jain, Partner, Jones Day (Washington Office)
Moderator - Professor Goh Yihan, Dean of Singapore Management University School of Law