Class Actions and Other Multi-Party Litigation: Cases and Materials, American Casebook Series, Thomson West, 2d ed

Jones Day Partner Ted Bilich and Independent Consultant Of Counsel Bob Klonoff have joined with Catholic University professor Suzette Malveaux to coauthor the second edition of their leading class-action text. This book and its prior edition have been considered required reading by over 25 law schools, including such institutions as Stanford Law School, NYU School of Law, Georgetown University Law Center, University of Virginia School of Law, and the University of Texas School of Law.

This casebook focuses aggregate-party litigation and particularly class actions. The text describes not only the practical mechanics of the class-action process, but also the important policy issues implicated by mass litigation. In addition to class actions, the text also addresses joinder, consolidation, intervention, impleader, interpleader, multi-district litigation, and bankruptcy, among other topics. It includes rich theoretical materials, as well as practical discussions useful for a student contemplating a professional focus in class actions.

The second edition covers major developments since the first edition, including the 2003 amendments to Rule 23 and the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005. It also includes several major Supreme Court and federal court of appeals decisions that have been handed down since the first edition.