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Cybersecurity & Technology

Our Cybersecurity & Technology team provides seamless, globally integrated legal services to clients in many different technology sectors, including software, hardware, semiconductor, e-commerce, technology services, cybersecurity, and industrial technology, that are unique to our clients’ business and industry interests. Creators of technology products or services, as well as businesses that procure and use technology, rely on us for advice on transactions, information management, "bet the company" cybersecurity issues, strategic digital transformations, international data protection laws, multi-jurisdictional breach response, government investigations, and litigation.

We also advise clients on a daily basis on cutting-edge cybersecurity and privacy issues relating to the Internet of Things (IoT), fintech, blockchain, machine learning, and autonomous vehicles. Our team takes a proactive and pragmatic approach to helping businesses navigate the rapidly changing cybersecurity and privacy legal landscape.

Featured Experience
Mauricio F. Paez
New York
Lisa M. Ropple
Chiang Ling Li
Hong Kong
Michiru Takahashi
Olivier Haas
Undine von Diemar