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Environmental Compliance Counseling

We routinely advise clients on the impact of ever-changing international, national, and local regulations covering solid and hazardous waste, air emissions, water quality, and employee health and safety.

Our lawyers are familiar with requirements for permits, variances, and exemptions for new or existing facilities or processes; ergonomics; hazard communication; chemical process safety; routine and emergency reporting; waste management and disposal; hazardous waste cleanup; emissions banking; and day-to-day compliance matters. We handle all aspects of REACH compliance including registration, evaluation, authorization, and appeals. We also have experience in such diverse areas as labeling and packaging requirements, pollution prevention and recycling issues, material safety data sheet requirements, community right-to-know laws, underground storage tank requirements, wetlands issues, pesticide registrations, premanufacture notification requirements, and responding to catastrophic industrial accidents.

Featured Experience
Kevin P. Holewinski
Thomas M. Donnelly
San Francisco
G. Graham Holden
Françoise S. Labrousse
Ursula Schliessner