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Collective Bargaining, Contract Enforcement & Union Organizing

Our labor and employment lawyers advise employers concerning legal issues that arise in union representation campaigns and proceedings.

Most of these decisions must be made against the backdrop of complex and constantly changing federal labor law. Who should be able to vote in an NLRB election? What can supervisors say, and what should they not say? What rights do employees have? Were there any infirmities in the election process? The legal issues are many, and the consequences of a misstep are great.

We have practiced extensively before the NLRB and are intimately aware of the principles and strategies applied in union-organizing campaigns and elections. We also have a vast storehouse of experience in the formulation of strategic responses to union-organizing efforts, including advising on the legalities of campaign-related communications, as well as the many other issues that routinely arise during the course of organizing drives and NLRB elections.

Featured Experience
Patricia A. Dunn
Brian West Easley
Willis J. Goldsmith
New York
George S. Howard Jr.
San Diego
F. Curt Kirschner Jr.
San Francisco