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International Public Law

Part of One Firm Worldwide, Jones Day’s Government Regulation attorneys in Europe and Asia offer clients a nearly unrivalled capacity to handle regulatory, administrative, and other government-related issues across the globe.

In addition to administrative and agency litigation, our attorneys in Europe and Asia are experienced in a broad variety of government-related disciplines, including government contracts, particularly procurements and concessions; the occupation of public land; public-private partnerships and joint ventures (commercial and noncommercial); the use of public subsidies; infrastructure and public services financing and restructuring; environmental counseling and compliance, including climate change regulation; utilities regulation; aviation and airlines regulation; construction law and zoning; and foreign direct investment, export control, and international trade matters.

Featured Experience
Holger Neumann
Chris Papanicolaou
Philippe Delelis
Françoise S. Labrousse
Tadakatsu Sano
Ursula Schliessner