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Jones Day officially shortens name of firm

January 30, 2003

The international law firm Jones Day has announced an official name change from Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue to Jones Day, effective January 2003.

"This name change is reflective of the evolution in common usage of the Firm's name over the past two decades," explained Jones Day Managing Partner Stephen J. Brogan. "Like many other firms across the country and around the world, we thought it made sense to shorten our name more accurately to reflect how we are known in boardrooms and court rooms throughout the world. A truly accurate headline would read, 'Jones Day Officially Changes Name to Jones Day,'" he remarked.

Jones Day Senior Partner Patrick F. McCartan, who immediately preceded Brogan as Managing Partner, emphasized that this move in no way diminishes the seminal impact of former name Partners John W. Reavis (Cleveland-based Firm Managing Partner from 1948 to 1974) and L. Welch Pogue (Washington Partner-in-Charge from 1967 to 1979). "Both Jack Reavis and Welch Pogue were primary architects of the firm as we know it today. They always will be part of the fabric and history of Jones Day, and any future successes that we enjoy will be due in large part to their role in building our foundation and establishing our values."

Jones Day is an international law firm with 25 locations in centers of business and finance throughout the world. With more than 1,800 lawyers, it ranks among the world's largest law firms.