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International Commercial Arbitration

Our Global Disputes Practice provides clients with integrated, worldwide services to coordinate all of the activities associated with an international arbitration – in whatever forum the arbitration arises.

Our lawyers work with clients from the beginning. We assist with the drafting and negotiation of forum selection clauses and multi-tiered dispute resolution clauses including arbitration agreements to take advantage of treaty protections, as well as planning and managing potential future disputes. We guide our clients through the process of negotiation, mediation, adjudication, and conciliation and, when disputes must be contested, we pursue our clients’ goals through every aspect of the arbitration. We combine our knowledge of language, culture, legal doctrine, and industry practice to shape the issues, and use our advocacy skills to artfully advance our clients’ interests.

Featured Experience
Michael W. Bühler
Thomas E. Lynch
New York
Pierre R. Heitzmann
Fredrick E. Sherman
New York
Baiju S. Vasani