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Government Contracts Counseling & Litigation

Businesses that offer or sell goods and services to the government face a complex and fluid system of laws and regulations designed to implement a broad and ever-evolving array of public policy objectives.  Lawyers in Jones Day’s Government Contracts Counseling & Litigation Practice have an in-depth and nuanced understanding of the risks and requirements associated with Australian, EU, and U.S. federal and state procurements.  Jones Day has compiled decades of experience helping clients develop tailored solutions to the issues that arise in the context of their government contracting and public procurement activities.

Our clients are involved in a broad mix of commercial and defense-related industries, including aerospace and aviation, engineering and construction, facilities maintenance, computer and information technology and software, leasing and property management, nuclear facilities, environmental remediation, munitions, energy, and telecommunications.

Featured Experience
J. Andrew Jackson
Grant H. Willis
D. Grayson Yeargin
Fernand A. Lavallee