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Federal & State False Claims Defense

With more than 40 partners who have defended clients in False Claims Act investigations and litigation, Jones Day has extensive experience in federal and state false claims matters across a broad range of industries including health care, government contracts, and other government-funded programs.

The Threat

DOJ recently announced recovery of $4.7 billion from FCA cases in FY 2016, the third highest in history. Since 2009, DOJ has collected nearly $4 billion per year. The number of new cases is growing every year.

The financial incentive to initiate false claims and whistleblower cases is staggering. Under the FCA, whistleblowers receive 15 to 30% of any judgment or settlement. In 2016 alone, federal whistleblowers were paid over $450 million.

Clients need counsel with an established track record of experience and success – counsel who can convince DOJ and other agencies to end investigations or decline intervention, as well as effectively resolve matters, litigate cases to conclusion, and manage parallel administrative actions. Our FCA defense lawyers offer just that.

Featured Experience
Karen P. Hewitt
San Diego
J. Andrew Jackson
Stephen G. Sozio
Tina M. Tabacchi