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Antitrust & Intellectual Property

Jones Day antitrust lawyers have been at the forefront in the development of antitrust law and policy involving intellectual property.  Whether challenges have arisen from private plaintiffs or government antitrust enforcers, Jones Day has been among the leaders in ensuring that intellectual property owners are able to maximize the commercial value of their portfolios in a manner consistent with antitrust law.

As antitrust has become global, so too has the need for effective antitrust advice relating to global intellectual property portfolios and practices.  We were among the first firms to assist high-tech giants in crafting global licensing programs across jurisdictions with frequently different antitrust rules for IP owners.  And we are now among the global leaders in helping our clients respond successfully to the multijurisdictional challenges to intellectual property practices, whether the IP involves pharmaceuticals or the iPod, and whether the challenges involve investigations or litigation.

Featured Experience
Geoffrey D. Oliver
Michelle K. Fischer
Craig A. Waldman
San Francisco
Peter J. Wang
Hong Kong
Johannes Zöttl